About Soccer Fun Camp


Children need more outlets to just be kids and play. Kids deal with a lot of pressure between school responsibilities and an increasingly demanding youth sports landscape. The goal of Soccer Fun Camp is to teach soccer skill while emphasizing the joy of being a kid.

At camp we have a ZERO electronics policy which will be scrupulously enforced by our beloved mascot "Jack the Funky Donkey". Smiles and laughs are the intended goal and our Staff will work tirelessly to ensure the fun of every camper!


Elliot Fauske:

Elliot is a Select soccer coach for Mercer Island FC and a para educator at Mercer Island High School. He is a Washington State native who grew up in Seattle/Spokane. He attended Seattle University where he played 4 years and accidentally acquired a Spanish degree. Elliot has traveled extensively and played soccer all over the world with people of all cultures and abilities.

The global passion for the game and it's ability to bring people together has always fascinated him. Even as he writes this about himself he is overcome with emotion for the beautiful game. He played six years of professional indoor soccer, four for the Rochester Lancers and two for the Tacoma Stars. Years ago Elliot had a traumatic brain injury working construction which led to a propensity for receiving concussions and ultimately his retirement.

He is really looking forward to running soccer camps because he's pretty sure he can beat most of the kids and win all the exciting prizes.


Jack the Funky Donkey:

Jack is an inspirational individual. He is kind and compassionate but frequently finds himself in a bit of mischief. He's a pretty tough cookie and has traveled the world in search of adventure. His only weaknesses are his allergies. If Jack encounters lazy or boring people he breaks out into hives so he'd appreciate it if our campers would kindly leave their lazy and boring at home.

Jack Facts:
- He's never lost a staring contest.
- He dominated the international soccer scene in the 90's (until FIFA declared his 4 legs an unfair advantage and forced him to retire)
- He's in the Donkey Hall of Fame

Jack is one kick-butt donkey!

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